It’s hard to pick what I love most about summer. The fact that it stays light longer, time outside with the kids, hiking, being able to grill without risking frostbite, the food….yes, of course, definitely the food. Fresh watermelon, peaches, corn, you name it! And of course, grilling the food makes it even better.

Grilling corn on your pellet grill really takes that buttery, salty goodness of corn to the next level. This is a super easy bbq side dish that compliments almost any meal. We wanted to take you through the simple step by step process for grilling corn.

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Super Simple Grille Corn on your Pellet Grill


4-6 ears of corn

Recommend Pellets: Hickory or Apple

Your favorite corn seasoning

Seasoning ideas:

Lemon Pepper

Traeger’s Veggie Shake

Seasoning salt

Smoked paprika

Butter and salt

Celery salt


Turn your grill on smoke with the lid open for 4-5 minutes. After your grill is started, close the lid and turn your grill to high.

While the grill is heating up go and husk your corn. Click here for the coolest and easiest way to husk corn.

After the corn is husked and ready to go, you can just throw it right on the grill. Just a little side note — you can leave the husk on to grill it, but you won’t get that unique smokey flavor from your grill.corn-edited-1

You will want to grill it for 10 minutes and then turn to the other side of the corn and grill for another 10-12 minutes. The convection heating system of a pellet grill will cook the corn to perfection!

Our friends and family can’t get enough of this summer treat. And if you really want to blow your guests away, try our Grilled Smokey Mexican Street Corn.
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What is your favorite way to eat corn?